Cricket Wireless

Save big every month by switching your cell phone service to Cricket Wireless.

I was paying $140 a month for two phones with an extremely small data plan.  I’m talking way under a GB here.  I switched over to Cricket and I now pay $70 a month for 4 GB.  I’m no math wiz, but it appears that I cut my bill in half.

You begin by picking a monthly plan based on your needs.  The plans are $30, $40, $50, and $60. The best part about their pricing is that the price advertised is the price you pay.  There are no hidden cost or fees.  If you pick the $40 a month plan, you will be billed for $40.

After picking out a plan, you can choose whether to keep your old phone or to buy a new one. You will have the option to get a new phone number or to keep your old one. One word of caution,  make sure you are out of contract with your current provider if you are canceling service. You can be hit with some heavy fees for canceling a contract early.

Group Save

Every line you add you will get $10 off the total bill.



Cricket Rewards

You can sign up for cricket rewards to earn points.  You earn points by signing up for auto pay,  adding lines, playing games,  completing activities, and etc.  You can use the points to get gift cards,  merchandise,  contest entries, and charity donations.

All in all this was a very easy way to cut my cell phone bill in half. I have great coverage, a lot more data, and I continually get points for doing things that I already do.

***Cricket Rewards is no longer available***

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