Receipt Hog

With Receipt Hog you can earn money by simply taking a picture of a recent receipt.

First, download the app from the app store then answer a few questions and your all set.

The program has a camera that you use to take pictures of your receipts.  Make sure that the images are fairly clear or they will not go through. That’s it.  The receipt will be processed and then once completed you will be rewarded coins that can be converted into money.


The payout options are pay pal or amazon gift cards.  It will take a while to make a payout, but the process is so simple and easy that it’s worth the wait.

You now have the option of redeeming the coins for a magazine subscription.

Hog Slots

You can earn extra coins through the hog slots. You earn spins by uploading a receipt,  completing monthly challenges and leveling up.


Leveling Up

You can level up by completing weeks of uploads.  The higher the level the bigger the rewards.




You will also be entered into monthly sweepstakes to win money.

Amazon and Email Connect Program

You can get extra coins by linking up to your Amazon and Email Accounts.


The payout was quick and easy ($5 minimum). To make a few extra bucks by taking pictures of receipts, check out Receipt Hog.



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