With eJury you can get paid to be a juror for a “pre-try” trial.

With eJury an attorney can “pre-try” a case with an online jury before going to trial at a courthouse.  This provides an opportunity for someone to become an eJuror and get paid for taking part in a mock trial.

The whole process is very simple.  You sign up and answer a few demographic questions and then wait for an e-mail invitation to participate.  The opportunities are based on location and will vary.

Once you recieve an email, you sign in and follow the link for the case.  You read over a summary of the case stating both sides then answer a few questions about the case.  It takes on average about 35 minutes.

After the case is completed you will be paid via pay-pal, ranging from $5-$10.

The whole process is very simple and the cases can be very interesting.  I guess that’s what happens when you read too many John Grisham novels.