Walmart Savings Catcher

With Walmart Savings Catcher, if Walmart finds a better price at a competitor, then they will pay you the difference.


There are two ways to use the Savings Catcher. The first way is to input the receipt number online at Walmart Savings Catcher.  The other way is to scan the receipt using the Walmart app. The receipt cannot be over a week old.


Walmart will search for lower prices at other retailers.  If a lower price is found Walmart will pay you the difference.  It usually takes a few days until you get a credit to your account.


There are two ways to get a payout.  You can choose an e-gift card to use at Walmart or a Walmart Bucks Bluebird American Express card that can be used at walmart.


Another benefit is that Walmart keeps up with all your purchases using the Savings Catcher.  I found this out one day by accident.  I was looking for ways to cut down on time I spent grocery shopping and Walmart was advertising free 2 day shipping. See promotional link below. USA, LLC

When I got to my Walmart account I saw “Ready to Reorder” and they had all the items I typically buy.  I just went down the list and added to cart the items I needed. I only had to go to the grocery store for a few items, it only took a quarter of the time.


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