Make extra cash by using Ibotta when you shop.

Ibotta is like using a coupon, but instead of getting a product at a lower price they pay you cash. Even better, is to use coupons and Ibotta, that way you save money and still make the cash from Ibotta.


To get started, I suggest, selecting the stores you visit regularly.


Before you go shopping, select the items that you plan on purchasing.


Go Shopping.

After shopping, you will scan your receipt.

Wait and get paid. The cash out options (min. $20) are paypal, venmo and gift cards (like Best Buy, Amazon, and Starbucks).


Mobile In-App Purchases and Loyalty Card

You can also purchase items online, through the app and get paid. Loyalty cards can also be added to account. With both of these you just shop and do not have to scan any receipts.


Overall this is a very simple way to earn extra cash, but it does take a little extra planning. Couple this with coupons, loyalty cards and rewards cards. You will not only save a ton but make money, also. If you sign up using this promotional link https://ibotta.com/r/irpqdbf you will get $10 and help me out. Thanks. Promotions subject to change








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