How to make money with CafePress by selling t shirts, stickers, hats, mugs, and etc.

Create Your Own Design

Upload an image.shirtSelect products to place the image on. Capture8Share with Friends.


Creating a product for CafePress was very easy. Once you come up with a design, just upload the image.

Check out these products I made on CafePress.

Create a CafePress Store

If you want to take it further, you can create a CafePress shop. Instead of only selling items on the CafePress website, you can make your own store and sell within your own niche. You design the page and add the products that you want to sell.

CafePress Affiliate Program

If you are a publisher you can become and affiliate for CafePress. Add banners and images to your website and make a commission.




15 oz Ceramic Large Mug

15 oz Ceramic Large Mug


Find more


unique gifts at CafePress



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