Save Time and Money Grocery Shopping with Kroger ClickList

Kroger is changing the future of grocery shopping with ClickList and it will save you time and money.

At first I was hesitant to try this new grocery shopping alternative.  With a new baby and two other small children, this started to sound better and better. The two things I could use a little more of right now is time and money.  This obviously sounded like it could save time, but at what cost? How much extra is this going to be to shave off some extra time? The answer is……… we actually saved money.

More Relaxed

With ClickList you purchase your groceries online at your convenience.  I would much rather shop while sipping on a hot cup of coffee at home than dodging buggies, finding parking spots,  waiting, and telling the kids we don’t need those fresh donuts.

Easier to Keep on a Budget

By shopping online, you can still compare prices without feeling like your holding the isle hostage.  There will be less impulse buys, although, no more fresh donuts.  Best of all, no more guessing how much you are about to spend.  You can see the total in the cart before you buy.  A little over budget,  just remove a couple items.

Digital Coupons

Even shopping online you can use your coupons. You can load digital coupons and they will be applied no scissors required.

What To Do

1. Sign In at Kroger or create an account.

2. Load Digital Coupons


3. Go to ClickList. This does cost $4.95.

4. Shop and Compare

5. Reserve a pickup time

6. Park at designated pickup spot. There will be parking spots near the store reserved for ClickList pickups.

7. Call the phone number on the sign in front of the spot and tell them your name and the number on the sign.

8. They will load groceries and let you know of any substitutions they had to make. If they do not have the item in the store they will exchange it for another item of equal value. We have actually ordered store brand items and they were exchanged for name brands for the same price.


This is a total game changer for grocery shopping. I don’t necessarily enjoy grocery shopping to begin with, so having an option not to go just seams like a dream. Plus, I won’t forget stuff because I just add to the list throughout the week. I have a really bad track record of forgetting things that were on the grocery list.

I found a great article on this I tried Kroger’s new grocery service,  and I’m never buying food the old way again at Business Insider. In this article the author describes their experience.  There are great photos of the parking area and they pay at the pickup instead of online.




3 Replies to “Save Time and Money Grocery Shopping with Kroger ClickList”

  1. I’ve been a Kroger digital coupon user for years but have balked at the idea of spending the $5 extra for this service. I don’t have small kids so didn’t feel like it’d be worth it. I might just give it a try next time though. Nice to know how substitutes work.


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