How To Get Kindle Books For Free

To read kindle books you must either have a Kindle Device or the Kindle App on a supported device. – Read eBooks using the FREE Kindle Reading App on Most Devices

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Overdrive is an app that connects you to over 30,000 libraries world-wide. You simply input your library and number from your library card. Choose a book and borrow it just as you would from the local library. There are no late fees. After the allotted time is up, the book will be removed from your device.

Another cool feature is the Big Library Read. This is the first ever global eBook club. The featured book is available for download and you have the chance to read with millions of others.

Kindle First

With Kindle First you will get to read next month’s new releases today. At the beginning of the month you will get a free download of one book of your choice. This is only for Prime Members.

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I have been reading one of these books every month and have found the choices to be of very good quality.


Standard Ebooks

Get free public domain ebooks from Standard Ebooks. Public domain books are those in which intellectual property rights have expired or have been forfeited. Standard Ebooks goes above and beyond to create great quality eBooks.

Read more about Standard Ebooks

Prime Reading

With Prime Reading you can download up to 10 titles for free. This is only for Prime members. In addition to books, you can download audiobooks and magazines. Once you reach your limit, just return an item to download another.

The magazines available in this are a sampling of some of the most popular magazines.

Kindle Owner’s Lending Library

With Kindle Owner’s Lending Library you can borrow one free book every month. This is only for Prime Members.

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is the main public domain book provider. They offer over 54,000 free eBooks.

Lend or Borrow Kindle Books

Kindle book owners can lend and borrow books to each other for up to 14-days. You do not have to own a device for this.

Send to Kindle by E-mail

You can send documents to your Kindle via e-mail. To do this, send to e-mail address ([name] I get free pdfs all the time, so I forward them to my kindle to read them and keep them organized.

How to get kindle books for free.


I know there may be many more sources for free Kindle eBooks. If you have another source to add, please leave a comment below or leave a message in the Contact Us form.








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