Remove Unwanted Expenses from Your Budget – Checklist

When some people hear the word budget or frugal they cringe. The words, to them,  represent the complete removal of all enjoyment in their life. They think they will have to give up all their favorite things and adopt a life of pinching pennies and cutting coupons.

In reality, a budget is just a way to tell your money what to do.  If you really enjoy something, then you budget for it. In many cases, by doing a budget, you may have more money to allocate to the things you enjoy.  How is this possible?

You cut out all the stuff you spend money on that you really don’t care about.  By taking out the stuff you dont really value, you create more resources for things you do value.



How To

Go over all expenses for the past month.  I do this by tracking my expenses with Mint.  You can also do this by keeping receipts,  credit card statements,  bank statements,  and etc.  Ask yourself, is this something that I need, that brings value to my life, or something I actually use?  If not,  cut it out.  Make way for better things.

Below is a checklist of common items you may be spending on that may not bring any value to you.

  • Gym membership
  • Magazine subscription
  • Fast food
  • Cable television packages
  • Music streaming services
  • Video streaming services
  • Newspaper subscription
  • Manicures and pedicures
  • Expensive haircuts
  • Landline
  • Coffee shops
  • Alcohol
  • Cell phone plan features
  • New car
  • Latest iPhone or Android
  • Latest fashion
  • Expensive house
  • Restaurants
  • House decorations
  • Name brand groceries

By removing unwanted financial clutter, you will have much more time and money for the things you do enjoy.

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