Get Out of Debt! Putting Your Financial Life Back Together

Book review Get Out of Debt! Putting Your Financial Life Back Together by David and Marcia Rye.

While the third book covered topics that may occur soon within adulthood,  this fourth book focuses on the end game.

This book goes over making a financial strategy and achieving the ultimate goal of financial independence.

Most people I talk to only think about how to get themselves out of debt.  Financial planning does not end there. Through investing and staying out of debt, we can do things we once only dreamed of.

Money is a terrible master but an excellent servant.

P.T. Barnum

This is how the wealthy live (the ones who stay wealthy). We only see the nice things they have and assume that’s all there is to being wealthy.  In an attempt to appear like we are valuable, we buy stuff to look like we have a good means of income.  The big difference though, is that the wealthy have many assets that drive a large income.  They use money made with these assets to create more assets, thus their income grows.  The non wealthy on the other hand use their one asset (job) to buy stuff to look rich.  All of their security is in this one resource.  Without savings and investments everything in their life hinges on this one income source. That one source is becoming less secure everyday.

8 Ways to go from How Much Can I Afford to Building Wealth

Quit working for your money and let your money do the work for you. Create a financial safety net and a financial future. Get a plan together and live like your wealthy instead of trying to only look like your wealthy.

Get Out of Debt! Putting Your Financial Life Back Together

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