Find and Cancel Unwanted Subscriptions with Trim

Getting rid of monthly subscriptions can be as easy as signing up for Trim.

As I wrote in an earlier post,  getting rid of unwanted subscriptions should be the first step to saving money.  Not only do you save money for that month, but you save the money you would have spent for all the other months thereafter.

Remove Unwanted Expenses from Your Budget – Checklist

We always have good intentions signing up for something, but life happens and we forget. We continue to accumulate these monthly leeches and the expense keeps growing. Unless you check over every item on your statements, you may be paying for subscriptions you do not use.

Trim is a service that will find these subscriptions for you.  You enter your accounts that you use to pay for these subscriptions.  Trim will locate any subscription services you use and send you a list of them.  Just reply with the subscriptions that you would like to cancel. They take care of the rest and it is 100% free.


Trim also provides services such as:

  • Spend tracking and receive updates by text
  • Negotiate your cable or internet bill
  • Activate cash back deals
  • Flag refunds for price drops on Amazon

Trim is like an overprotective nerd looking out for you. 

Some great resources on Trim:

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