Save and Make Money Grocery Shopping for Thanksgiving

Hosting a Thanksgiving diner can be very expensive.  Here are a few ideas that can save and make a little money.

Make it a Pot Luck

Instead of buying and cooking everything yourself,  make it a potluck.  Having to orchestrate an entire meal,  in which everything is done at the same time, is a bit stressful not to mention expensive.  Why not have everyone bring their favorite dish? Instead of spending the entire day in the kitchen, you will get to visit with your guests.  This is a great way to try new foods and share recipes.

Look at Store Circulars

Reasearch the store circulars to find the best deals and coupons.  Shop at the store that has what you need at the best price. You can get the circulars in the newspaper,  on their website, or on Flipp. You can even use digital coupons and avoid stacks of paper coupons.

Dollar General Digital Coupons

Use Store Rewards Cards

Many stores have loyalty cards that pay you to shop at their store. This is an effortless way to make a little extra cash.

Walmart Savings Catcher

Use a Credit Card with Rewards Points

Use your credit card to earn rewards for extra cash. Only do this if you pay your balance off every month. This makes no sense if you are paying double digit interest to get single digit rewards.

Credit Card Rewards

Use shopping apps

Use cash back shopping apps and get paid for buying groceries.



Scan Receipt

You can earn money by scanning your receipts. Check out the link below and see how I get cash for scanning my receipts.

Receipt Hog



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