Microsoft Rewards: Get Paid to Surf the Web 

Earn money by surfing the web.

You can earn money by taking surveys or scanning receipts, but those take a little extra work.  I enjoy the set it and forget it ways of making extra cash.

These ways include: credit card rewards and transferring to a higher interest savings account.  All the work is done at the setup and not continually to keep earning. I will show you how I set my browser up to make some money.  


So, first things first. What do you get? You earn points for searches and other interactions. These points can be redeemed for gift cards,  charitable donations,  pay pal,  and many others most being Microsoft products.  I personally like to get paid cash through pay pal.

How to Get Started

Create a Microsoft account. You can google Microsoft rewards or just use this link You may already have an account and have accrued points.

Stay signed in while searching through a Microsoft browser.

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Bing

You even earn points by shopping at the Microsoft store.

Personally, I get most of my points from making web searches from my cell phone using the Bing browser.  On my laptop I use the Microsoft Edge browser.

There are other ways to earn such as taking quizzes or answering surveys.  You can see what is available by going to the Microsoft Rewards home.

Don’t expect to earn a lot. This is basically paying you to do what you normally do.  The advantage here is not how much you get,  but how easy it is to get it.

So to wrap up what I do.

  • I have the Bing browser on my cell phone.
  • On any computer I use the Edge browser or search at
  • The device I use is signed into my Microsoft account.
  • Once my points have reached a certain level I redeem them for cash to my pay pal account.

All from making normal everyday searches.

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