Save Money by Making an Amazon List

I love to read and I constantly get book references that I don’t want to forget. I made a list in Amazon to keep up with them. 

Capture Any time I would hear of a book that sounded interesting, I would look it up on Amazon to read more about it.  When I look it up, I just add it to my list. When I complete a book I go over this list for the next book to read.  

What I didn’t expect were the follow-up emails from amazon.  I would get an email when one of the books on the list dropped in price.


After that, I started making lists for things other than books.

Non-Essential Purchases

I like to keep a list of things that are not needs but definitely wants. Buying all these things at one time would be impulsive and irresponsible. Therefore, I keep an ongoing list.  Every month I will purchase an item or two depending on the budget.

With this method, I have to look over all the things on the list and pick the best option.  This keeps me from buying an impulse item and regretting it later.

Now that I have these items in the lists, I get updates when something drops in price. Win/Win.

I also have a Goodreads account to keep up with books

Goodreads also does this if you are signup with Goodreads Deals, although this is only for books.


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